You were largely responsible for the successful tempo and tone of our annual conference and I wish to thank you warmly for your work. When the meeting flagged, you brought it to life with humor, wit or a pointed remark. When the meeting threatened to get out of hand, you calmed things down and pushed the discussion along in the right direction.

Kofi Annan, former UN secretary general, and head of The Global Humanitarian Forum.

Nisha receives our very highest recommendation to serve as a moderator or Master of Ceremonies.

Michael Maltese, Legatum Centre for Development & Entrepreneurship, MIT.

Your professionalism, dedication and drive both before, during and after the event helped to make it an overwhelming success

Omar Siddiqui, United Nations Development Programme.

An outstanding economics reporter on The Money Programme, Nisha had the rare combination of intellectual ability, curiosity and tenacity that took her to the heart of often complex issues. And the ability to translate her stories into straightforward narratives accessible to any viewer.

David Nissan, Editor, The Money Programme 1988-1993

Robert Maxwell, lumbered on without faltering until tiny Nisha Pillai of Panorama put a bolt
into his shoulder, and he began to crash.

Clive James, tv critic and media commentator

I really want to thank you for your help. The session we had together really helped me to be properly prepared and much more confident. If I had not done it the event would definitely not have been as good. The event went very well and I have had some good feedback

Beverley Dunne, Director, Standard & Poors

Hello Ace Coach!! The presentations day worked out very well. Thank you for your fantastic input, enthusiasm and help.

Marco Pinheiro, on Senior Executive Programme, London Business School

Nisha is clear, enagaging, natural and motivating. I’ve been applying some of the methods we discussed and am amazed to see how they do help rivet the audience.

Dr Salvatore Mele, Open Access project leader, CERN

I have secured a 12 month secondment to perform my dream role – 6 months after you shared your story with EDF Energy. It is a big jump in responsibility and visibility, but I am up for the challenge. Thanks again for giving me an impetus from your 9/11 presentation to really go for it – this opportunity would not have happened otherwise.

David Rollock, EDF Energy.

I would just like to place on record the impact the speech has had on a fairly “change terrorised” organisation. For many folk it was a wake-up call for the need to re-evaluate…..careers, priorities, life choices. I certainly had ambitions and goals for the event but how much more rewarding if we were able to provoke a deeper reaction that could be life changing. Thanks Nisha.

Nigel Stevens, Director IT Projects, EDF Energy