A Dynamic Conference Host and Moderator

Lively panel discussions, snappy questions – and humour – are her trademark . Nisha has a roving walk-about style, with audience participation guaranteed.

Nisha prides herself on mastering a complex brief and being extremely well informed prior to any event. Her experience is extensive across many sectors from economics and finance to various industry sectors to a range of difference UN agencies and even a major Physics power-house like CERN. The more difficult the subject the greater the responsibility on the moderator to bring the event alive and ensure audience involvement.

Here are some of her conference highlights:

  • Kofi Annan – moderating at the annual conference of the
    Global Humanitarian Forum.
  • MIT – as master of ceremonies at the launch of a new academic institution, the Legatum Centre for Development and Entrepreneurship.
  • CERN – moderating a fast-paced event on particle physics and cosmology.
  • Ernst & Young – hosting a massive event for over 3,000 partners.
  • The World Bank – chairing a ministerial round table.

Engaging Your Audience Part 1


You were largely responsible for the successful tempo and tone of our annual conference and I wish to thank you warmly for your work. When the meeting flagged, you brought it to life with humor, wit or a pointed remark. When the meeting threatened to get out of hand, you calmed things down and pushed the discussion along in the right direction.

Kofi Annan, former UN secretary general, and head of The Global Humanitarian Forum.
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