What is the point of Twitter?

Just as I was wondering: ‘ what  is the point of  social media for someone like me?’, hey presto a  project whizzed into my lap via Twitter of all routes.

Most of my work is with  large corporates or mega organisations like the UN – not exactly social media savvy – hosting conferences, panel debates and advising on presentation skills. So imagine my surprise when my blog caught the eye of a corporate communications expert, working on a corporate identity rethink with a major European food business. It was Twitter that brought it to his attention and ‘story telling’  that caught his eye.

Story telling is a journalistic skill which works wonders when someone is preparing a big, barn-storming speech.  Turns out the journalist’s favourite technique is a great way to bring corporate message alive in all sorts of different contexts – not just in front of an audience of hundreds. In this case the client, a food company, wants staff and management to communicate with more authenticity with everyone from farmers, to customers, consumers and  regulators…

The project is just beginning, more to follow in the months to come. Meanwhile, a big thank you to Jurgen Mortier (@jurgenmortier) who spotted my blog on Twitter!