Tweet in your questions

Twitter is a brilliant tool to engage live audiences – that’s what I discovered when moderating at a big conference last week. (#agrivision, Here’s why it worked. By encouraging people to tweet in their questions during presentations, it meant I already had a fistful of genuine questions to put to each speaker right away. That worked a treat in warming up the audience and encouraging more questions – and engagement – from everyone else. A bonus: the twitter questions were of course short, sweet and to the point – unlike the many waffly questions from the floor.

Never having used Twitter in this way before I had no idea what to expect. Now I’m a convert: it genuinely contributed to a fuller discussion and less random questioning. And besides, it was fun. Who else uses Twitter to field conference questions? What’s your experience?


Back in Bangkok

Having never visited Thailand before, the first half of this year has found me in Bangkok twice in a matter of months – both UN jobs. This time protocol was making everyone jumpy – I was moderating a Ministerial round-table for UNESCAP,  to set the direction for social protection policies in the Asia-Pacific region. My job was to liven things up, steer the debate and spark a meaningful discussion among policymakers on how to be more responsive to the needs of  their people.  No pressure then…