Grilling the CEO

Twice in the last couple of months I’ve found myself on stage, grilling a CEO in front of his staff. Neither chief executive demanded I give him a sneak peek at the questions – which was just as well, as I never write them down. All in all I had a free rein to probe, and challenge, and raise a sceptical eyebrow. So why did they do it? Why let an outsider quiz them on sensitive issues, and query the corporate strategy?  (more…)


Motivating you, motivating me

Few things beat connecting with an audience – especially if it’s a jaded bunch of people. Watching them sit up straighter, nod in agreement, smile in sympathy, start answering back – yes, even that!  –  is hugely motivating for me. It was the key to a motivational speech I gave to a group of project managers who’d survived a massive internal reorganisation. Ostensibly the speech was about me, but really it was about all of us in the room. All 250 of us. (more…)