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Planet Under

with Ease

UN Ministerial
Round Table

Young Chamber

Motivational Speech
Young Chamber Isle of Wight

The International Disaster Risk Reduction Annual Conference

Davos, Switzerland,
summary of Day 1.


The Launch of the Legatum
Centre for Development and Entrepreneurship, October 2008.

The Global Humanitarian Forum

Plenary session of conference on the human impact of climate change.

BBC World Debate

Nisha is one of the most experienced news anchors on BBC World News.


“You were largely responsible for the successful tempo and tone of our annual conference and I wish to thank you warmly for your work. When the meeting flagged, you brought it to life with humor, wit or a pointed remark. When the meeting threatened to get out of hand, you calmed things down and pushed the discussion along in the right direction.”
Kofi Annan, former UN secretary general, and head of The Global Humanitarian Forum.

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