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An investigative journalist, with five years reporting on Panorama.

Nisha's ground-breaking reports on the BBC's flagship current affairs programme included:

  • A nine-month long investigation into media tycoon Robert Maxwell’s crumbling empire, broadcast just a month before his death. It scooped the Royal Television Society’s Award for Best Current Affairs Programme.
  • Underclass in Purdah, another controversial investigation, which predicted an explosion of Muslim discontent in Britain a good decade before the 7/7 attacks in London.
  • An investigation on sexual abuse in care homes, with the first on-screen interviews in British television with young women with learning disabilities describing being raped.
  • Clash of Cultures - a unique global broadcast live from London, Islamabad and New York, with audiences quizzing each other on the impact of the 9/11 attacks. Nisha hosted the Islamabad section, with David Dimbleby in London and Nicky Campbell in New York.
Nisha Pillai - BBC


"Robert Maxwell, lumbered on without faltering until tiny Nisha Pillai of Panorama put a bolt
into his shoulder, and he began to crash."
Clive James, tv critic and media commentator,

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